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Preschool Learning Center Description

 Preschool Facilities and Activities

A Place to Play and Learn. The school facilities provide lots of space to play and explore both indoors and outdoors. We have two side by side school sites with three play yards.

 Preschool Curriculum

The teachers provide a variety of developmental, hands-on activities. Our program goal is to keep our students in constructive and entertaining activities that allow them to continue developing their problem-solving ability, creativity, and curiosity. Through the use of a wide range of art tools, your child will develop his/her fine motor skills. Songs, poems, and literature will allow your child to further develop linguistically and creatively. We create an environment that will focus in a positive way on similarities and differences among people and cultural values.


Children’s Learning Center admits students of all ethnic origins and physical abilities. We welcome personal payments as well as payment programs such as:
  • 4C's
  • Child and Family services
Children's Learning Center, Santa Rosa, CA